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Welcome to Atlanta Home Concierge & Blue Chip Cleaning


Atlanta Home Concierge is proud to partner with Blue Chip Cleaning to bring you top-tier restaurant cleaning services in the heart of Atlanta. With nearly two decades of experience, Blue Chip Cleaning has been trusted by some of the city's most prestigious restaurants.

Why Choose Blue Chip Cleaning?

  • Locally Owned & Operated: Atlanta is our hometown, and we are proud to be independent and locally owned, providing personalized service without the constraints of franchises or shareholders.

  • Specialized Expertise: Exclusively focused on restaurant cleaning since 2006, we understand the unique needs of your establishment.

  • Trusted by Top Restaurants: Serving renowned clients such as Buckhead Life, Legacy Venture, and LA Cima, we have a proven track record of excellence.

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Monthly High Dusting

Flooring Power Scrubbing & Buffing

Baseboards & Partition Walls Cleaning

 Kitchen Floors Power Scrubbed Monthly

 Outdoor Pressure Washing (Decks & Patios)

 Nightly Cleaning of Dining Areas, Restrooms,      and Kitchen Floors

Please note: We do not offer kitchen equipment cleaning due to insurance liability.

  • 24/7 Management Availability: Our management team is accessible around the clock via email, phone, and personal cell phone for after-hours inquiries.

  • Reliable Nightly Cleaning Crew: Our well-trained team shows up 7 nights per week, ensuring no delays or skipped nights.

  • Advanced Cleaning Equipment: Our company vehicles are equipped with the latest cleaning supplies and equipment to maintain the highest health standards.

  • Social Responsibility: We use germicidal products that eliminate germs, virucide, fungicide, and anti-bacterial cleaners.

Schedule a Walk-Through

We invite you to schedule a walk-through of your restaurant so we can provide you with a customized cleaning proposal. Competitive pricing is available for daily, weekly, and monthly services.

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